empanada[ em-puh-nah-duh; Spanish em-pah-nah-th ah ]

noun Latin-American Cookery.

a turnover or mold of pastry filled with chopped or ground meat, vegetables, fruit, etc., and usually baked or fried

As a Peruvian woman living in the USA, when I hear the word empanada all I hear is HOME. This is every Peruvian's go-to pastry for any occasion; for us it means memories, good times, family gatherings, reunions with friends, birthdays, and basically any special and not so special occasion. This tasty turnover is everyone's favorite, and as foodies every time we crave this delicious pastry we can never find a place that makes it just right. 

That is how this started, I wanted to bring to america the true flavors of empanadas. I have worked endless days and nights finding the perfect balance between dough and filling, and came to the conclusion that most empanadas are greasy, empty, thick dough half moons. I wanted to be different, in a way people would not only remember us as the "round empanadas" but as the freshest, most flavorful and fully stuffed empanadas in town. I aimed to create the WOW effect, only using the freshest ingredients in every single item made in-house, from my original dough recipe, to my grandma's filling's recipes; making sure the authentic home made flavor is in every empanada.

I want our customers to enjoy every bite from start to finish, and be left satisfied with a good flavor in their mouth always craving for more.

I truly hope that you enjoy our empandas just as much as I enjoyed creating them and will enjoy making them daily for you.

Frassire Pezzia

Owner and Creator of Empanada Llama